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The daily maintenance knowledge of belt machine is introduced

Belt maintenance:
1.Tape maintenance
⑴Prevent the damage of adhesive tape by material card
⑵Timely and reliable cleaning of adhesive tape
⑶Block material
2.Daily maintenance:
The daily maintenance of belt conveyor is maintained by the operators and maintenance workers. The main contents include:
①To drive roller (or electric drum), redirection roller, reducer, when tight dress Ge, brake installed Ge supplement the lubrication parts such as lubricating oil.
②Adjust the pressure of the sweeper to the roller, replace damaged parts and remove the material accumulated by the sweeper.
③Often under a state of vibration in the process of running parts, such as drives Ge, when tight pack Ge, loading period and the roller fixed bolt fastening.
④Change the rotation is not flexible or wear serious upper, lower roller.
⑤In case of cracking or damaged joints, cut and redo in time.
⑥Replace badly damaged tape.
⑦The flooring on the floor, the scattered material, and the water in time to clean up, especially the loading point, sweeper, the machine tail drum place and so on easy to accumulate.
⑧For the protection of belt conveyor, such as running, stopping, sliding, etc., before each shift work.
⑨Other: implement the work assigned by the class.
3.Regular maintenance:
①For the driving drum, the roller, the motor and other bearings are regularly cleaned, check the wear condition, and change the lubricating oil in time.
②Clean the fuel tank (or electric roller) to check the meshing and wear of the gears and replace the lubricating oil.
③Replace the defective parts, such as roller, wire rope, guide rope wheel, bracket, etc.
④On the motor (or electric drum), wave measurement, the electrical switch electric loading Ge, loading Ge security protection, signal 臵, check at least once a week.
⑤Replace the tape, according to the usage.
4.Adjustment of conveyor belt running deviation:
A belt running deviation can lead to abrasion, wear or tear, and may even cause a fire when serious. Accordingly, must adjust in time. Common adjustment methods are:
(1)When the belt runs, which side runs, the support roll on one side is the Angle along the side.
(2)The conveyor belt will move forward a certain distance and fixed on the side of the roller when the roller is off.
(3)Because the running deviation caused by the joint is periodic, the joint runs to which running deviation, should redo the joint.
(4)Running deviation caused by loading unloading a Ge is not straight, loads of material back to the center of the tape should be paid attention to.
5.Conveyor belt skid prevention:
The main reason for the slippage of the tape is overload, the roller with water, the belt loose, the tension force not enough and the tape too long. So the way to prevent tape is:
⑴Prevent overload operation and prevent starting of tape.
⑵Clean the roller and the water on the belt in time。
⑶Check in time to adjust tension Ge, tape always maintain proper tension.
⑷The cut tape is too long.