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The working articles of the belt post

1.Obey the command, earnestly implement the succession system, equipment spot check and maintenance procedure, various production process assessment system. Check and confirm the contents of the delivery class, and report to the group leader or workshop in time if there is any objection to the equipment or materials.
2.Must strengthen the inspection of the equipment after the succession, big dip Angle belt is normal, whether the connection parts and screw fastening, belt is damaged, reliable chain limit is good, and other parts of the pit, high lighting to keep in good condition.
3.Check the roller whether it is shedding, adjust the belt, speed the speed reducer to observe, do not use the pedal or hand disk belt.
4.It is strictly forbidden to repair, clean and fill the belt during operation.
5.Before starting the belt and vibration, check the equipment and the side of the belt carefully, whether there are any unsafe factors and prevent active rectification. When the belt is material, it must ring the bell, according to the material bin feeding, not to be wrong.
6.Work shall comply with the following points: can't let belt pick-up parking, on cold fodder to single electrical resonance vibration, vibration do not allow the electric double open, drag belt can't feed roller, are not allowed to drive electric vibration during unloading.
7.Once a week, adjust the chain of electric belt.
8.After unloading the high loading bin, the discharging port shall be covered with a cover, and shall not be allowed to walk on the bunker without the damage of the stripper or the stripper, and make a record.
9.Cleaning up, belt and vibration power supply must be shut down, up and down to confirm clearly, to make a good record of class, of health in the indoor and areas to clean up, creating good environment and ensure work safety.
10.In the process of loading, if the equipment has abnormal reaction, stop check immediately, and inform the maintenance staff to remove the hidden trouble before resuming the use.
11.For overhaul of the upper material system, the listing system and the signature system must be implemented. Before maintenance, the head of the material team shall carefully confirm the production and maintenance personnel, communicate the relevant issues, and put the maintenance equipment out of power and put a special person in custody for the maintenance.
12.After the overhaul, check and verify the overhaul items and contents, confirm that the equipment can be signed and start the test.