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Introduction of belt conveyor knowledge

Knowledge of coal belt transmission
Ordinary conveyor belt; Rubber conveyor belt; Canvas (CC) conveyor belt; Nylon (NN) conveyor belt; Polyester (EP) conveyor belt; Heat resistant conveyor belt; Ring conveyor belt; Baffle conveyor belt; Large Angle baffle conveyor belt; Skirt conveyor belt; Pattern conveyor belt, acid - alkali conveyor belt, oil - resistant conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, high temperature conveyor belt, cold resistant conveyor belt, integral core flame retardant conveyor (PVC/PVG); Mine roller; Ceramic roller; Nylon roller; Conveyor roller; Support; Tensioning device; To lower the heart; Lifting lugs; Conveyor; Driving drum; Redirection roller; Electric roller; Magnetic pulley (magnetic pulley); Sweeper; Coupling; Various conveyance equipment; Conveying accessories; TD75 transport machinery and supporting products 200 kinds. Processing and customizing all kinds of special conveyor belt/special environment conveyor belt/various kinds of special roller.
Ordinary conveyor belt
1、This product is made of cotton canvas (CC) or wiper cotton mixed dipping canvas (VC) by pressing, forming and vulcanization.
2、This product is suitable for conveying non-corrosive non-corrosive unspiked lumps, granular and powdery materials such as coal, coke, sand stone, cement, etc.
3、This product is suitable for different conditions of use, and can be made into different structures such as package edge, open edge, middle ladder type and side ladder type.
1、Please contact us with special specifications.
2、The thickness of upper and lower cover can be selected according to the range of table.
3、The width of the tape, the thickness of the cover and the length deviation of the belt are in accordance with the national standard GB/t4490-94.
4、Longitudinal full-thickness tensile strength specifications are executed by GB/t7894-87.