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Open PU synchronous belt series

Product classification: open PU synchronous belt series
Introduction: the open PU synchronous belt is generally used for linear moving transmission devices. The products are made of steel wire and high performance polyurethane materials, which can withstand high load. With high anti-wear ability, various types of wire core ensure that it still maintains good motor ability in the transmission, and the production tolerance is small. The open PU synchronous belt transmission is reliable and has dimensional stability. In the process of production, a layer of nylon is added to the tooth surface or on the back of the teeth to ensure that the special application is invariable. It can also thicken a layer of polyurethane on the back of the belt to prevent corrosion and high load. The standard volume is 50 or 100 meters in length. Other lengths can be customized. There are also open rubber bands.
1.Open PU synchronous belt: the finished product is continuous length, and there is a wire core parallel to both sides. The standard length is 50 meters or 100 meters. Please contact our sales staff for other length. The open band is usually used for linear transmission.
2.Interface PU synchronous belt: the interface belt is the ring belt which is machined by the opening strip according to the thermoplastic characteristics and can be connected to any length of ring belt. The v-shaped interface design enables the belt interface area to withstand strong tension. The interface belt is suitable for conveying use, especially when the power rating is rated, it can be used to produce belts with different USES and teeth, and can be added with different baffles and coverings. The belt has various core options such as KEVLAR core, high flexibility core (HF) high performance (HP) and high performance high toughness (HPF).
Mechanical properties of                                                    Chemical properties
- dimensional stability              - aging proof
- low pretension                - waterproof solution,
- low noise                  - UVA, UVA,
- high wear resistance                                                 - the ozone