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Introduction to rubber conveyor belt

The gel-synchronous belt transmission is composed of a circular strip with an equal pitch profile and a corresponding wheel. It combines the advantages of drive, chain drive and gear transmission. When rotating, the power is transmitted through the tooth groove of the tooth and the wheel. Transmission dragon synchronous belt transmission has the accurate transmission ratio, no slip difference, can obtain constant speed ratio, the transmission is stable, can absorb vibration, the noise is small, the transmission ratio is large, generally can reach 1:10. Allow the linear speed to reach 50 m/S, transmitting power from several watts to 100 kw. General can reach 98%, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, and is suitable for multiple spindle drive, without lubrication, no pollution, so there is no pollution and can work in environment is relatively bad places. Transmission products are widely used in textile, machine tools, tobacco, communication cable, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, instrument, food, mining, oil, automobile and other industries of various types of mechanical transmission.
Characteristics of rubber synchronous belt:
(1)Transmission accuracy, no sliding at work, with constant transmission ratio;
(2)The transmission is stable, with buffering, vibration reduction and low noise.
(3)The transmission efficiency is high, can reach 0.98, the energy saving effect is obvious;
(4)Convenient maintenance, no lubrication, low maintenance cost;
(5)The speed ratio is large, usually up to 10, and the linear speed can reach 50 meters per second, which has a large power transmission range, which can reach several watts to several hundred kilowatts;
(6)Can be used for long distance drive, center distance can reach more than 10m.
The main failure mode of rubber synchronous belt transmission
①Fatigue fracture of belt body
②Cutting and crushing with teeth;
③Wear side, wear, and dissection of cloth;
④The bearing layer elongation, the pitch increase, the formation of tooth interference, climbing teeth;
⑤Shock and overload fracture the belt.