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Introduction of basic knowledge of industrial belts

1.Turn off the power, remove the hood, and assemble bolts of the motor.
2.The moving motor makes the belt loose enough to remove the belt without breaking it. Don't prise it off.
3.Remove the old belt and check for any abnormal wear. Excessive wear may mean problems in the design or maintenance of transmission devices.
4.Select the appropriate belt replacement.
5.Clean belt and pulley, wipe with a small amount of non-volatile liquid, soak in detergent or use cleaning brush
use sandpaper or to scrape with sharp objects. The belt must remain dry before installation.
6.Check if the pulley is broken or worn, preferably with a professional instrument. If you wear too much, you must replace the pulley.
7.Check whether the pulley is straight and symmetrical.
8.Check the rest of the actuator parts, such as the symmetry of bearings and sleeves, durability and lubrication.
9.For multiple belt transmission device, it must be replaced all the belts, if multiple belt transmission device to replace only one old belt, the new belt tension may be appropriate, but will all the old belt tension is insufficient, gearing may be only by the new belt load, the new belt premature failure.
10.Adjust the center distance of the transmission device, and turn several ring driving wheels with the hand. It is best to check the tension with a professional belt tension meter.
If the tension is too strong, it will seriously affect the use of the belt. If the tension is insufficient, it will affect the transmission effect of the belt.
11.Tighten the assembly bolts of the motor and correct the torque.
12.Replace the cover.
13.Recommend a trial run procedure. This program includes running gear, running after full load and stopping, checking and pulling tension
Adjust to the recommended values. The running of the belt under load can make the belt match the wheel groove. If it is possible to keep the belt running for 24 hours, it is good to operate all night or during your lunch break. Using the test run program can reduce the number of retuning tension in the future.
14.At the beginning of operation, check if there is abnormal vibration and listen for abnormal noises. It's better to turn off the machine, check the bearing, motor or
The condition of the wheel, if it feels too hot, may be the belt too tight, or the bearing asymmetry, or the lubrication is incorrect.