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Knowledge of the structure and principle of water belt

1.The working principle of water dewatering machine
The working principle of vacuum belt dewatering machine is to achieve the purpose of dehydration by vacuuming the slurry. Serum to the filter cloth of vacuum belt hydroextractor, filter cloth is transmitted by a heavy rubber belt, rubber belt on the transverse grooves and the middle hole is to make the liquid to the suction chamber. The filtrate and air are pumped into the vacuum manifold. The filtrate and air in the vacuum manifold are separated by air and water separator, and the top outlet of the gas-liquid separator is connected with the vacuum pump and the gas is pumped away by the vacuum pump. After separation, the filtrate from the bottom of the gas separator is exported to the filtrate receiving tank. The slurry has been vacuum-pumped through the filter department, the cleaning department and the dehydration department to form a qualified filter cake, and the discharge hopper has fallen into the gypsum warehouse in the unloading area.
2.The composition of vacuum belt dewatering machine and its function
1.Rubber belt: rubber belt is made of high quality rubber raw material and suitable processing mode. The rubber belt is grooved and the upper part is used to support the filter cloth. The lower part forms a vacuum chamber, which provides a smooth drainage channel for filtering. The gas-liquid two-phase flow resistance is small, and it has good air tightness when filtering, thus obtaining a high vacuum impetus. The filtrate is entered into the empty box through the rubber belt groove and through the middle of the bottom of the rubber belt. Because of the flange on both sides of the tape, the outer edge waveform is extended when the tape is turned by the roller, avoiding the danger of taut edge.
When installing equipment, make sure the filter is horizontal. If the filter is not horizontal, the filter cake will be thin and uneven, reducing the efficiency of filtering and washing and drying, even affecting the discharge of the cake.
2.Empty box: the empty box is made of polypropylene material. At the bottom of the rubber band, the liquid hole in the hole and the collector hole in the real empty box are in the docking position. The filtrate is discharged through the connection vacuum hose discharge hole at the bottom of the true empty box after the rubber belt enters the real empty box. Upper chamber friction abrasion and friction coefficient is small block there is friction between belt and rubber belt, friction belt adopts wear-resisting material and small friction coefficient, and make the both sides of the friction with different friction coefficient, ensure friction belt with rubber belt operation, ensure that wear occurs only in the friction belt, rubber belt is not subject to wear. In order to facilitate the replacement of friction belt, there is a real empty box lifting device.
3.Feeding device: the feed device is made of stainless steel and is mounted on a movable stainless steel stand. The uniform structure of the feeding device ensures that the slurry is evenly distributed along the width of the entire filter. The position and Angle of the feeding device are adjustable and will be located in the debugging phase of the filter. When positioning, the feeding device should not be too high, so that the slurry will not splash when adding material. When installing, install valve to control feeding speed. The feeding direction should be backward, make full use of the natural subsidence area between the feed end rubber belt and the filter press roller, optimize the grain distribution in the filter cake, thus improving the filtration speed and quality.
4.Filter cake washing equipment: filter cake washing dispenser includes pp wet part and color painted carbon steel frame support. The overflow weir type cascade water system is adopted to ensure that the cleaning water is distributed evenly on the cake surface. Each filter is equipped with two filter cake cleaners. Their location is adjustable and will be in the debugger debugging phase. When installing, you must ensure the horizontal direction of the filter belt to evenly overflow the water of each tooth to ensure that the filter cake is cleaned evenly. The installation position should not be too high, so the non-water impact filter cake affects the washing effect, and the adjusted position is fixed after adjustment.