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The attention of belt position

1.purpose:Ensure the safety of belt conveyor and operator. Operate the belt conveyor, maintain and inspect the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
2.Scope of application:Suitable for all equipment maintenance personnel and production line belt conveyor operators.
3.Duties and responsibilities
4.The equipment department is responsible for the development and improvement of equipment safety operation procedures.
5.The director of the department of resource regeneration is responsible for the training of equipment safety operation procedures and the training of new or transferred workers.
6.The department is responsible for equipment safety operation and daily maintenance and safety inspection. The equipment failure and safety hidden trouble found in daily inspection shall be reported to the equipment department in time.
7.Responsible for equipment repair and external maintenance.
8.Operating instructions
9.Belt conveyor operators must be trained by post, familiar with their performance, and can be operated on the post after passing the examination.
10.The operator must wear labor protective equipment to ensure safety.
11.Pre-boot inspection
12.Operators should carefully check whether the transmission parts are good and whether the roller has not dropped.
13.Check whether the belt tightness is appropriate
14.The belt joint is in good condition without tearing or running deviation
15.When starting up, the belt conveyor should be run free, but it can be loaded after normal operation.
16.Equipment normal operation, the operator to observe the conditions of the belt running, whether smooth, without exception, wandering, belt tightness is normal, found that the problem timely stop processing, cannot handle and report.
17.When working, no one is allowed to pass under the conveyor belt or leap from above. When the conveyor belt is skidding, first unload and then please check the mechanic.
18.The replacement of roller, bracket, sweeper, belt filter, and baffle shall be carried out by two or more persons, and the operation switch shall be set to "zero" and be listed.
19.Clean up the clutter around the belt, then stop the material on the belt.
20.Daily maintenance of belt conveyor
21.Check if there is any damage on the belt surface. If there is any indication of injury, repair it in time to avoid damage.
22.Lubrication should be done in use to prevent lubrication and wear and bite.
23.Always check the amount of oil in the reducer. For long - term continuous working reducer, oil must be changed frequently; If the temperature is found to be too high in use, the oil needs to be replaced.
24Do not clean or overhaul the machine when running
25.Timely removal of the head and tail wheel (must be performed after the operation is stopped).
26.The conveyor suddenly power off, should cut off the power immediately, clear the material on the conveyor belt, report the inspection, can turn on the power to start the operation after troubleshooting.